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Giddy as a _________, Hungry like the___________ - Zero to Sixty: Yes
A Slow Acceleration
Giddy as a _________, Hungry like the___________
Oooh, there are supplies.
Oooh, there are notebooks.

Waking up at six-thirty in the morning? No big deal, compared to the uphill struggle of finding the properly suiting messenger bag.

Five classes, working full time? No, see, should I wear flats or pumps?

Oh, oh, it's gonna be a cloistering fall, with piles of papers and lots of deadlines, and not one, no, but two assignments featuring hand-lettering have already popped up on the syllabi (Oh, syllabus. You perch on my chest and cough up course credits while your little nub teeth drip with red ink. ).

Remember, remember, the 17th/20th/and 24th of September, these being the deadlines for the payment plan/first day of school/last day to add or drop classes.

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how i feel: completely studious
what i hear: Jeffrey Lewis-To Be Objectified

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