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But It Has Taken Me a While To Get Used To This New Feeling - Zero to Sixty: Yes
A Slow Acceleration
But It Has Taken Me a While To Get Used To This New Feeling
I am sick sick sickly in bed with mono. I have the energy of someone three times my age, and a day out and about wears me down to a shuffle. It's been this way since the end of October, although the fever, chills, and jaundice have subsided.

Please note, although this is the longest sickness of my year, it is by far not the most serious health thing that happened in 2011.

And now, note that despite the extended illnesses, fatigue, and shuffling, I am so much happier now than last year at the same time. There has been old houses shed like hermit crab shells and there is now lanky responsible wonderfulness that caretakes like nobody's business.

I had a few missteps along the way. I am learning responsibility like a kindergartener tying shoelaces, all fumbly and slow but determined. I am discovering that yes, Virginia, your body does start falling apart. But it's not so bad when your life is coming together.

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